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[personal profile] lizbee asked me a REALLY interesting question, and I haven't answered it yet because I've been thinking it through in my brain over a couple of days. I decided to break it into two parts because I seem to think in small chunks at the moment.

The first part went like this: "I'm curious as to whether you consider yourself a "mummy blogger", or hate that term"

Not long after I started blogging, this question was a huge point of contention in the 'blogging community' (more on that in another post). It came after 'Mummy Bloggers' were featured on Media Watch (which really was a very kind look at the genre) and a whole heap of people wrote about how they hate the term. Other bloggers (big ones) went out to 'reclaim' the term, and effectively belittled anyone who had a problem with it - while their followers fell over themselves agreeing with it. Still other bloggers said that it was just a term and you should really just get over it.

I don't consider myself a 'Mummy blogger' - I blog about Christian (less as he gets older) but being a mother is just one part of my life. Plus, I was a teacher a lot longer than I've been a mother, so educational content is pretty high on the blog (mostly early childhood now, but also things about test taking and school direction). And I've been a book lover even longer, so there's a tonne of book content over there. And craft, and home stuff.

I once called myself a Life Blogger, which is accurate, but feels terribly pretentious from a distance. A year or so later, I'm happy just being a blogger who blogs. But then, I'm not looking for advertising or product pushing, so I don't need a title to hang on myself. (More on that in the next post)

While I don't have a problem with people calling themselves 'Mummy bloggers', I do think the term is problematic. I'm not the biggest fan of the term 'Mummy' coming from anyone other than my son, or people talking to my son (as in, go and see Mummy, or what's Mummy doing). I had those horrific baby photo people address me as 'Mummy' once as I was trying to sneak past them and I dearly wanted to snark at them. 'Mummy' is a relationship between my child and myself, and it's a personal thing.

It's a term that's also used to sideline a group of women, while excluding a whole lot of other women. Mummies are seen as parents of young children, either tired and bedraggled or done up to the nines (Yummy Mummies) - where the truth is, most mothers I see from day to day fall in the middle. No matter what else they've got going on in their lives (businesses, relationships, illness, causes) they're primarily identified by their role as a mother - someone who wipes noses and changes nappies (and we know by how poorly childcare workers are paid, that these are not highly regarded skills. Though try wiping a toddlers nose . . . give me a classroom of uncooperative Grade 8s any day!) It assumes that all mothers are doing the same things, feeling the same way about it, and should be treated the same.

When all bloggers who are mothers (or ever talk about their children) are called 'Mummy Bloggers' certain stereotypes are attached. Stereotypes about oversharing, bored housewives who have little time to actually do anything with their kids while anything they do is just for their blogs. The stereotyping can get really nasty at times too - with the personal choices (like birth preferences or children's disabilities) generalised, criticised and dismissed.

So, it's fine to consider yourself a mummy blogger, but I don't, and I think the term is deeply problematic - and the use of it is sometimes offensive.

Now that I've finished that somewhat rambling response, I guess I better brave the shops for food! I'm still taking requests to say stuff if you're interested

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What are you reading now?

Three books. Just finishing up Market Blues by Kirsty Murray, which I'm enjoying, but it feels like the premise of the book has been well and truly stretched to the limit, and yet there's still more to come. I just started Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley last night in the iPad. Finally I'm reading Louis Beside Himself by Anna Fienberg, which is trying to be a little bit Lemony Snicket and a little bit Don't Call Me Ishmael and is pretty ho hum. I'm picking my books by whatever Australian Women Writer's books I can find at the library :)

What did you just finish reading?

What Now, Tilda B?  by Kathryn Lomar, which had some faults, but was a really enjoyable read which left me with something to think about. After that I read Last Summer by Kylie Ladd which had too many sex scenes, too many points of view and too little reality. I also reread The Very Hungry Caterpillar again :)

What do you expect to read next?

I still have Love Like Water by Meme McDonald from the library. I dare say I'll finish it up before I can get to the library next week :) I got an Amazon voucher for Christmas (thanks Jac!) so I'll get some ebooks there. Then there's whatever I might get for my birthday. I'll also delve into a couple of Spot books and various other books Christian got for Christmas

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It's a little belated, but I'm proud to announce that my son, Christian Francis was born at 10.37pm on Monday 6th August - nearly two weeks after his due date.

It was a difficult birth, culminating in an emergency c-section and Christian spent about a day and a half in special care, but both he and I are recovering well - especially since we've been allowed home from hospital.

He is a beautiful boy, especially when he's sleeping for a couple of hours at night! He was also a big boy - about 8 and a half pounds. Now we're getting ourselves into a bit of a routine - mostly involving feeding, sleeping (some of the time), washing and changing (we had our first big poo-splosion this morning)

I want to get a picture up at some stage, but that will involve more energy than I currently have :)
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Big boosting of signal here, guys.

The Australian House of Representatives is seeking submissions on the Marriage Equality act. All they're after is an email address, a quick survey and a couple of short responses. Unfortunately, from the interim reports, it seems that the survey has been mostly found/spammed by people against the act.

Australians, you can go here to express your own point of view. Please, please then spread the word, since you probably have more Australian friends than me
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Despite seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 twice in 2D, our attempts to see in in 3D were viciously thwarted by Voldemort a power blackout. Today, however, was a local show holiday in our council area, so I popped just south to another council area and finally got to see the film in 3D in an almost empty theatre.

Before I get to my thoughts about the 3D (and the movie in general), one of the million and one trailers was for the next Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn? I've lost track) in which I got a fit of giggles when Edward actually broke the bed head . . .

One of the things I have to get my head around with the HP films is that they have their own canon which kind of fits to the books, but also have some things which make me yell. But I love them anyway, and I love how they bring some emotional moments to the film (the look between Ron and Harry before he heads to the forest just kills me) which are different to the books.

I'm just going to focus on things I adore, because I'm having a bit of a down day and really don't need to add grumbling to that. So here they are . . .

Spoilers of course )
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I've very belatedly signed up for Remix Madness, so if you've ever wanted to rewrite one of my stories, you can find my post here
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I've posted a couple of ideas over at this QUT website . For everyone who has facebook and 'likes' one of mine (or someone elses ideas) QUT will donate $2 towards an Oxfam water project. If you contribute your own idea they'll done $5. I'd love to see them hit the $10 000 mark (their proposed limit)

Also, if you 'like' my ideas and I get 25 likes, then I get a free t-shirt (free clothing! I feel like such a uni student!)

There are serious thoughts behind my two education based ideas. First of all, both of them (less time on testing, more time on allowing students to care and a library of books in every classroom) are achievable. (Which is more than some ideas, though I like the idea of chocolate without calories). Then they're aimed at developing caring and thoughtfullness for the world.

The strange thing is, whenever we teach a lesson which focuses on social issues, my students get excited. They get passionate. They want to do something. What if we were able to build on that, if we could teach them to write to people in power, to write advertisements, to research solutions and brain storm new ideas. Instead, more and more, we're directed to focus on drill and kill, fitting every child into a box. At the moment we're learning about re-usable bags. My students are going home, talking to their parents, looking at possible road blocks, designing their own movies. Shouldn't we encourage this in every classroom - after all, these are the people we want thinking as they grow older and begin to vote, and eventually, run the country.

The books idea is connected. More books really does encourage more reading (who would have thunk it). This year my students have read books about characters who are gay, have a disability, have HIV, are poor, of every different background, nationality and colour. They are hurt when the characters are hurt, they are outraged when the character is wronged. They empathise and you see them carry this with them in their day to day interactions. Again something I would love to see in every classroom in the world.

So feel free to go and like my ideas :)

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I seriously just got an email via the Education Department suggesting that students not access any websites other than the clunky Queensland Education ones.

That means they don't want students to access Google, Kidblogs, Animoto, Arcademic Skill Builders, Teacher Tube, Glogster . . . and if we allow them to and someone complains, the department won't back us up.

Anyone believe that they like to call Queensland the Smart State?

(This is why I shouldn't check my email. Also found out I'll have to park on the side of the road tomorrow so they can deliver something for the building that should be delivered outside of school hours)
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I'm looking for some new music. I want music to listen to, write to, generally groove along to. I'm looking for new sounds I don't know, or older classics I may have missed (and I'm fairly clueless when it comes to music)

At the moment I'm on a real female singer kick, though if you have something with a male singer that I must listen to, please include it!

I prefer softer alternate stuff, piano is always a bonus, though I'm developing a real love for guitar.

Just tell me what you love at the moment, so I can find something new!
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So, after a few years of watching my students take part in readathons, I'm doing so myself this year. I'm entering the MS Novel Challenge, which is the adult version of the MS Readathon. At the moment my goal is to read 50 books in 30 days, and to raise $500 - of course I can always adjust both goals up. You can contribute to the fundraising efforts at my Fundraising Page and feel free to pass this on to anyone else you know who might be interested.
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Ruby Hunter, the first Australian Indigenous woman to be signed by a major record company died overnight.

I found Ruby Hunter's voice through my beloved Seachange soundtrack. When you listen to her voice you can hear life in it, and I adore Aurukun Moonlight. It's a sad loss for Australian music.
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As a primary teacher I teach everything - reading, writing, maths, social studies, arts, health, technology and science. Over the last four years, I've been reflecting on my teaching and improving wherever I can. And now I'm attacking science.

The thing is - at one point in time I loved science. As in, I got the best marks in my grade in science. But then came Year 11 subject choice time, and I couldn't do my preferred Physics, (I did Chemistry instead) and somewhere along the line, I stopped being enthralled by it.

Which makes it hard to teach it with the kind of passion it deserves.

I'm also let down by a lackluster syllabus and a severe lack of equipment/materials.

But I'm determined. I am, with whatever is accessible to me, going to put together science workshops for the students in which they can explore and investigate with as much hands on stuff as possible. If I could only work out where to begin.

Where would you begin? With the syllabus? With a list of questions? With experiments? And how can I get past my learned ambivalence about science to love it again. I know there are science-y people on here - please help me!!
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I'm going to swipe this idea from [ profile] ashfae - feel free to swipe it from me.

December's a busy month, of course, with the end of school, Christmas and a certain birthday on the 29th :) But I am trying to write every day and continue on from NaNo, so I'm offering an Advent Calender of Drabbles

Instructions: Leave a comment to this entry with a drabble prompt. Doesn't need to be holiday-related unless you want it to be. If you desire a specific character or characters in your drabble, include them with your prompt.

Drabbles will be posted each day from December 1 - December 24 or until I run out. DON'T LET ME RUN OUT! Feel free to leave more than one prompt if you like . . .

Harry Potter
West Wing
Anne of Green Gables
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spooks (up to season 6 I think?)
Sisterhood of Travelling Pants
Lots of other girls books - try me out :)
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Do I want to renew my paid LJ account or not? Discuss
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Happy birthday [ profile] sweet_adelheid!!

May you have a happy and peaceful day!
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One of these days I'll come up with an interesting testing message
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The lip-synching on Sunrise isn't even good . . .


Aug. 17th, 2008 04:01 pm
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So, Matt had this thing through work which involved dinner, drinks, speeches and a Brisbane Lion's game last night. And because work people weren't interested, I got to go.

And our seats were two rows in front of a certain Prime Minister of Australia.


The political geek inside is satiated.

- - -

So, I'm off to school camp tomorrow. Wish me luck and lack of sunburn . . .
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Matt and his groomsmen

More wedding photos here )

Still more photos to come!


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