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Title: Push and Pull
Author: MelWil
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not my characters unfortunately
Summary: He stood in the doorway, a bottle of champagne under his arm.
Spoilers: Up to episode 3.1

Tom stood in the doorway, a bottle of expensive champagne tucked under his arm, and a strange smile on his face. )

An Update

Apr. 26th, 2006 09:06 am
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1. I feel like I've been away for ages. My new modem's dead, so I'm using Matt's computer at the moment. My chair is more comfortable.

2. Alas this means that I'm not on chat :(

3. I went to the Queensland Ballet's Vis-a-Vis program on Saturday night. If you live in South East Queensland and have even the slightest interest in ballet, I suggest you look at attending one later in the year. Details of Saturday night's performance )

4. I've had a couple of lazy days. Unfortunately I haven't done any of the writing I wanted to do. As for Wing Swing - I don't seem to have anything.

5. [ profile] aldenmacrae has contributed a great essay to [ profile] new_atalanta about The Chalet School - You can read it here. It's very readable even if you don't know the series. The community's makeover seems to be going great so far - but we'd love some new members - we're so close to 100 members!!

6. Yesterday was ANZAC day, which I know is an iffy/ho hum day to most Australians on my friends list. However, my sister had a great post here.

7. I'm about 7 books behind on reviews. I'll get there *g*

Off to write. I must write. I will write . . .
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Apparently about half of the [ profile] femslash06 fics have come in, and I have two 'must read' recs that you should all go and read and comment!

Today's the day we have everything by Pene. N17. Bring it On/Bend it Like Beckham crossover that is just perfect. You all should read it now!! Now!!

After the End by Calle Dybedahl. PG13. A BtVS AU - Faith/Tara and very, very shiny.
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[ profile] femslash06 fics are beginning to trickle in, and although I did not participate, I am enjoying reading the fics.

Most of the time I'm leaving feedback. Mostly of the 'yay! glee!' type, because I really don't have anything insightful to say. Sometimes I'm not - I can't really think of anything highly positive to say, and I don't know the people at all, so I don't feel comfortable leaving constructive crit.

(I wonder if it would be different if I'd participated?)

Which made me think about ficathons and feedback. I read almost everything, and gave feedback on everything I wrote for the Spooks ficathon - but then that was a small ficathon which turned out brilliant stories.

As for remix, I actually haven't yet read any of them. Again I didn't participate, and the idea of picking out stories from such a big collection is quite overwhelming.

This really doesn't have a point . . . just thoughts.


I have a small collection of My Scene dolls on my desk - Lindsey Lohan, A 't-shirt' doll, a party boy and two street smart girls. The street smarts are my new favourites. They have streaks, tattoos, mobile phones and belly button rings. And sitting on my desk, they're just about writing the slash (while Lindsey keeps looking on knowingly)
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I've been feeling strangely weepy/emotional today. I believe it's probably the result of resting after a huge week. It's very annoying though.


My sister and I went and saw A Streetcar Named Desire last night, performed by the Queensland Theatre Company. All I knew before walking in was two lines and Ned Flanders singing. I enjoyed the play, but the first act seemed to go on forever. Luckily the second act was rather redeeming.


[ profile] sangerin has heralded our new start over at [ profile] new_atalanta. We're turning it into a group blog - so if you're interested in 'Girl's fiction' come on over - we'd like to have a lovely strong community.

Which is a gentle poke to me, because I have a rough draft to finish before Easter


Ooooh, new icon. Look!
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I'm watching the special features on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Emma Watson is less annoying as herself. And Snape in the additional scenes owns my heart.

And Dan is gorgeous in the dancing scenes.

Today's agenda - go to the old place and throw out rubbish, then 8 hours of workplace from hell *g*


Mar. 23rd, 2006 08:53 am
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Crappy work is going to be even crappier today. Big Evil Boss of Doom will be there for a good part of the day. I must remember to bite my tongue and not walk out the front door.


On a happier note - have I ever told you how much I adore The Yoko Factor? Drunk Giles, fighting Scoobies, Angel and Riley fighting. (BTW is there any Riley/Angel fic out there?)
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List Your Top Six Favorite Shows (not actually in order)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Spooks (MI5)
3. West Wing
4. M*A*S*H
5. House
6. Firefly

Those questions are here )
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The Wing Swing is back for 2006 - sign up is here

-[ profile] sangerin - I've left Christine Dale for you this year if you're interested, since I took her last time *g*
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1. I caught the end of Desperate Housewives last night. Which meant I got to see Felicity Huffman dancing to Boogie Shoes again! Best choice of music ever.

2. I saw Cloudland on Sunday (The Queensland Ballet), which was simply amazing. I haven't got enough superlatives to describe how good it was - needless to say I could have sat through another two hour performance easily. Two very 'Brisbane' bits - the fight between US and Australian soldiers (mirroring the Battle of Brisbane) and the boos and hisses that went through the audience as the Deen Brothers (or the dancers playing them) walked on stage. If you ever get a chance to see this ballet, go and see it! (It's running next Friday and Saturday in Brisbane, then moving to the Gold Coast after that)

3. Commander in Chief. Meh. Still hate the titles. Less Clinton bashing which was nice.

4. I have no four. It's just a nice number
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1. I hope someone has written Commander in Chief/West Wing crossover, because Allison Janney/Geena Davis would be so very pretty (and hot. and shiny)

2. I hope the rain will shut the stupid roadworks up for a while (Aren't residents supposed to be notified when roadworks are going to completely disrupt their lives? And their sleeping patterns?)

3. I hope that the truant people go to my work on Wednesday when I'm trying to survive another 8 hour shift. Because it would be funny plus less work for me. (Though my teacher voice worked a treat on the 15 year old who decided to smoke while asking for tokens. He left as ordered and did not return)

4. I hope I get a lot of work done tomorrow. Real school type work. Which, when I get to teach it, I get paid good money for.

5. I hope I get to write some fic tomorrow.
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You really shouldn't encourage me . . .

Always Here
Author: MelWil
Fandoms: Firefly/M*A*S*H
Rating: PG
Summary: Simon learns a lesson about war.

Simon squeezes his eyes shut when he drinks )
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Is it wrong that I'm contemplating writing (okay, it's half written) a M*A*S*H/Firefly crossover?
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Rain on Windows
Author: MelWil
Fandom: Spooks/MI5
Rating: G
Summary: It’s all falling apart

She was curled in a chair . . . )
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Author: MelWil
Rating: R
Fandom: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Summary: She watches me when I walk around the room
Notes: Written for 100_women – prompt 28: Naked


Bee watches me when I move around the room )
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I have questions, oh friends list. And I have chosen you to help me out.

[Poll #664069]
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warning here - Some spoilers inevitable

5 Favourite or Memorable Moments in Books. )

5 Favourite or Memorable Moments on Television )

If you had to limit yourself to only five Spooks pairings, what would they be? )

There's another one to go, but I need to collect some quotes first. If you want me to make a list you can comment here
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1. I finally returned to church today, after almost 6 months away. Not to my old church, where the new minister left me constantly angry, but to the big Uniting Church in the city. It was wonderful, a bigger church, with more ritual, a real choir and a great organ, but just small enough to add some beautiful personal touches. It was so nice to here a sermon which focused outward, rather than asking God to do things for us.

2. Still haven't received my fem-gen ficathon story :( Was going to rant, but cannot be bothered. I know that there are marvellous pinch hitters waiting in the wings if my story doesn't appear.

3. Finished another book. Book post coming soon.

4. Tonight is a quiet night, with DVDs, fan fic and a really nice looking avacado for food. It doesn't get much better.

5. Look! Pretty feet icon. (And my instep is higher *g* Of course, it's been said that you could run a truck through my instep . . . )
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Title: Preparation
Author: MelWil
Rating: G
Fandom: West Wing
Summary: She's beginning to forget the things her mother taught her – CJ fic
Written for wisdomeagle for the fem-gen ficathon.

Preparation )


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