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  • Go to dentist and spend a lot of money to get troublesome tooth removed
  • Come home and die
  • Type up [profile] new_atalanta article for next week - and find a better title than "A Survey of Modern Girls Fiction"
  • Try and get my head around my wing swing fic
  • Work on other articles and fics
  • Tidy house - vaccuuming . .
  • Washing?
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I've been feeling strangely weepy/emotional today. I believe it's probably the result of resting after a huge week. It's very annoying though.


My sister and I went and saw A Streetcar Named Desire last night, performed by the Queensland Theatre Company. All I knew before walking in was two lines and Ned Flanders singing. I enjoyed the play, but the first act seemed to go on forever. Luckily the second act was rather redeeming.


[ profile] sangerin has heralded our new start over at [ profile] new_atalanta. We're turning it into a group blog - so if you're interested in 'Girl's fiction' come on over - we'd like to have a lovely strong community.

Which is a gentle poke to me, because I have a rough draft to finish before Easter


Ooooh, new icon. Look!
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1. Post off the cheque to the Queensland College of Teachers (formally the Board of Teacher registration)
2. Post off my RSVP to Caloundra City Council
3. Ring about a driving lesson
4. Ring about a doctor's appointment
5. Go to work for 8 hours

-I also have a book post to write


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