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So, after two days of shifting, half a house full of stuff (where on earth did we get so much stuff?), several pieces of furniture put together (Allen Key = love), and one frustrating day trying to get my internet to work again . . . I'm back.

The place is great but still a mess, though the tv and DVD player are set up in my study. I also have a deboxed Lindsey Lohan doll sitting on my desk, so all is well with the world. (Her eyes follow you all around the room).

Now to find a better job so I can leave the insane hell hole where I currently (don't) work.

Address in a locked post to come


Mar. 23rd, 2006 08:53 am
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Crappy work is going to be even crappier today. Big Evil Boss of Doom will be there for a good part of the day. I must remember to bite my tongue and not walk out the front door.


On a happier note - have I ever told you how much I adore The Yoko Factor? Drunk Giles, fighting Scoobies, Angel and Riley fighting. (BTW is there any Riley/Angel fic out there?)
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1. You don't have to taste every wine in the winery (ok, yes you do, but you can pretend you don't)
2. Never let Matt order lunch for me again (a plate of lettuce is not good for soaking up wine)
3. Chooks = good
4. Sleeping on the bus = good
5. Make sure the bus driver has a map. And a bus that can get up hills. And around corners.


In other news, I'm back to the soul sucking place of hell today. Give me some wacky ideas about how I can pass the 8 hours quicker. (I might write up some books posts, at which I'm massively behind. And some spelling lists for school. And maybe do some knitting.)

Job Update

Jan. 6th, 2006 08:14 am
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1. Work paid last night. I have money again!!

2. Thanks for all the good wishes for the job interview yesterday. Basically the job is mine if I want it, but they're looking at long term employment - which would mean no dancing, and little teaching. At any other time of my life I'd jump at it, but right now, I think I'm going to have to give it a miss :(
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The Bad
The asswipes I've been working for over the last four weeks have not paid me. Not once. (And I just thought I was spending too much over Christmas) They had the wrong number, and because I never got a pay slip, I had no way to check. I will (hopefully) get the money back tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

The Good
I got a phone call earlier about a job interview at a bridal wear shop. The person on the phone sounded fanstastic, the place sounds a million times better and I have an interview at around 7 tonight *g*

Wish me luck!
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After working yesterday, I have 4 days off. And hopefully there'll be some money in my bank account tomorrow. (Not much, but I can't afford to eat at the moment)

Today I need to put my Centrelink form in, buy some food with Matt's money, and working on some stuff for school.

I've made some new icons since my big icon meme post. Here's some of my favourites:

Now. Off to walk to Chermside . . . .

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When 2006 came last year, I was sitting at work playing games. I worked from 6pm through to 4.30am this morning. Then I came home and got 3 hours of sleep filled with nightmares about tokens and coins. I'm exhausted, jittery, feeling sick, and my arms and legs are tingling and I'm due back at work at 12pm today to work 8 hours. (Yes, it is illegal. Wouldn't stop this guy)

So, if my boss gives me any shit today, I will be walking out. Possibly with a lot of swearing.

Other than that, and broken machines, and stupid people, it was an okay night. I really like most of the people I work with, and last night was no exception.

Wish me luck for today.
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So, I forgot to mention that Matt won the work Christmas raffle this year. A 29 inch tv and a dvd player . . .


I have 8 hours of work today. I cannot express my disgust.
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1. Matt and I continued our four year long tradition of exchanging presents early on Christmas Eve morning. I bought him a big box of beer (12 different special beers) and a book on cooking techniques. He (the darling) bought me a Princess of the Renaissance Barbie Doll and a subscription to the 2006 season of the Queensland Ballet!!!!!! I get to see the international gala from the third row!!!!!

2. Liz and Amanda - your presents are almost finished and should get to you before the new year.

3. I have awful sinus pain, 6 hours of work, and Christmas eve celebrations today. And no pain killers.

And finally:

I hope you and your families all have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season. See you after Christmas
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1. 6 hours locked in a booth yesterday. My job is 'fun'

2. Today and tomorrow will be spent working on presents so I can send them to Townsville, Mount Isa and Sydney on Monday ([ profile] sangerin - when are you going home? If I send on Monday, should I send to Sydney or your parents?)

3. I love the Cherub books. Go and read them now.

4. I fell asleep watching Jerry Maguire last night. It's still one of the few Tom Cruise movies I can stand watching
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Well the bastards finally did it - Backroom deal seals fate of uni guild fees"

If you have ever had a cheap meal at an Australian university refectory, if you have had a drink in an Australian university bar, if you have joined a club or society at an Australian university, if you have enjoyed an article in a student magazine, if you have needed representation, if you have complained about a poor lecturer or unfair assessment, or bought a cheap second hand book then you have benifited from student unionism. And if you think it's unfair that these things are going to be taken away from Australian students then you need to email Family First Senator Steven Fielding ( to register your complaint.

ETA [ profile] yasminke reminded me about the affordable childcare and cheaper medical services which are subsidised by student union fees. These too will be gone.


In other news, I've worked 16 hours in my new job. It's pretty good, if a little boring work, and it's nice not to be working with food anymore. It's a little like a giant, noisy classroom except we get to lock ourselves into a booth. And we get to laugh at the tryhards


Nov. 24th, 2005 07:01 am
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Happy Thanksgiving to the US types *g*

Two days until the dancing concert. I'm trying not to panic.

In my rage over, I forgot to mention that I had an interview with Lorna Jane on Tuesday. I'll probably have a trial next week. And I thought I was too daggy to ever work in clothing.

I almost have a Christmas/Birthday list together, and I'll try to post it soon. I do know what I'm making/getting for others *g*


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