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1. 6 hours locked in a booth yesterday. My job is 'fun'

2. Today and tomorrow will be spent working on presents so I can send them to Townsville, Mount Isa and Sydney on Monday ([ profile] sangerin - when are you going home? If I send on Monday, should I send to Sydney or your parents?)

3. I love the Cherub books. Go and read them now.

4. I fell asleep watching Jerry Maguire last night. It's still one of the few Tom Cruise movies I can stand watching
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1. I got home yesterday to find a real surprise in my post box - I have been nominated for a Caloundra City Australian Day cultural award. With a little further investigation (ie. ringing my mother) I found out that I wasn't nominated by a parent, but by another community group in Peachester, which gives me a warm tingly feeling inside.

2. Yesterday I found the best new Young Adult's book series. It's called Cherub by Robert Muchamore, and it's about British spies who are aged between ten and seventeen. The children are all orphans, or have been removed from parents who are in jail, and they live on a secret campus in England. It sounds a bit kooky, but it was a really exciting read and I'm looking forward to reading others in the series. A must for Spooks fans.

3. I have my second driving lesson tomorrow. I chose automatic because of anxiety about driving, but the first lesson went extremely well. I should have my license by the end of January!


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