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1. You don't have to taste every wine in the winery (ok, yes you do, but you can pretend you don't)
2. Never let Matt order lunch for me again (a plate of lettuce is not good for soaking up wine)
3. Chooks = good
4. Sleeping on the bus = good
5. Make sure the bus driver has a map. And a bus that can get up hills. And around corners.


In other news, I'm back to the soul sucking place of hell today. Give me some wacky ideas about how I can pass the 8 hours quicker. (I might write up some books posts, at which I'm massively behind. And some spelling lists for school. And maybe do some knitting.)
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Finishing University
The university is done. Completed. I don't have to go back there again. I have done the last exam of that degree.

Of course, being QUT, they found one last way to screw me over. They put an essay exam in a lecture theatre. You know, the ones with those crappy tables that fold out from next to the chair. You know, the ones at QUT which have no left handed desks. It was really hard not to mention this while I wrote my essay on discriminatory practices in education.

I'm so glad to leave that place.

Having Too Much to Drink
Oh well. I made it home. And I won't be on the cover of the Sunday Mail, so that's okay.

1644 words done, but no official word counter until the USA catches up to us. I'm going to post a bit about the first chapter under the filter. If you're interested, just leave a comment here


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