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I've been feeling strangely weepy/emotional today. I believe it's probably the result of resting after a huge week. It's very annoying though.


My sister and I went and saw A Streetcar Named Desire last night, performed by the Queensland Theatre Company. All I knew before walking in was two lines and Ned Flanders singing. I enjoyed the play, but the first act seemed to go on forever. Luckily the second act was rather redeeming.


[ profile] sangerin has heralded our new start over at [ profile] new_atalanta. We're turning it into a group blog - so if you're interested in 'Girl's fiction' come on over - we'd like to have a lovely strong community.

Which is a gentle poke to me, because I have a rough draft to finish before Easter


Ooooh, new icon. Look!
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After working yesterday, I have 4 days off. And hopefully there'll be some money in my bank account tomorrow. (Not much, but I can't afford to eat at the moment)

Today I need to put my Centrelink form in, buy some food with Matt's money, and working on some stuff for school.

I've made some new icons since my big icon meme post. Here's some of my favourites:

Now. Off to walk to Chermside . . . .

Icon Meme

Dec. 29th, 2005 06:18 am
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I con Meme The Meme is Here. Lots of Icons you haven't seen yet! )

I want to do an end of year post. Anyone seen a good meme?


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