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1. I got home yesterday to find a real surprise in my post box - I have been nominated for a Caloundra City Australian Day cultural award. With a little further investigation (ie. ringing my mother) I found out that I wasn't nominated by a parent, but by another community group in Peachester, which gives me a warm tingly feeling inside.

2. Yesterday I found the best new Young Adult's book series. It's called Cherub by Robert Muchamore, and it's about British spies who are aged between ten and seventeen. The children are all orphans, or have been removed from parents who are in jail, and they live on a secret campus in England. It sounds a bit kooky, but it was a really exciting read and I'm looking forward to reading others in the series. A must for Spooks fans.

3. I have my second driving lesson tomorrow. I chose automatic because of anxiety about driving, but the first lesson went extremely well. I should have my license by the end of January!

It's Over

Nov. 28th, 2005 12:28 pm
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All done. Thank goodness.

Blips included a blown light, a couple of tantrum, a fight between best friends, a lost costume, a bit lip, sickness and an ink stamp. Other than that . . . well, at least the storm missed us.

I have a few photos, but none at hand. I'll see what I can do about them in the next little while.

Hugs to [ profile] sangerin and [ profile] lizbee for their good luck messages
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Concert tonight. Am scared.

Watched the gymnastics last night. Yay Monette! And yay that there was much less glitter than at the Olympics. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the girls were really playing it safe on floor and beam - there wasn't as much 'wow' as I remember from a few years ago. They seem to be saving it for the bars. (I remembered why I stopped watching the bars last night - my sisters were beginning to do some of that stuff and it was petrifying) And anyone who mucks a double pirouette on the floor deserves shooting.


Nov. 21st, 2005 05:03 am
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Tried to sleep in this morning. Woke up at 4am, in a great panic about everything. Tried telling myself to get one more hour of sleep, then gave up and got up. Maybe I'll have a nap later.

Concert rehearsals went well. In less than a week it will all be over and I'll be sane again.
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Not dead. Just in concert rehearsal business.

Remind me to tell you all how I enjoyed Elizabethtown. And Season 5 of West Wing.

Off to finish monkey vests, make wands and sew elastic on ruby slippers
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Friday -
Panic phone call from my assignment partner - the email with the assignments hasn't come through. Send it through another email address and head off to ballet. Teach ballet, make dinner, crash.

Saturday -
Dancing in the morning. Then a 5 minute turn around to make the train to Brisbane and a quick rush to get ready when I got home. Then off to Matt's uni friend's engagement party. Really good night, with a good dinner and pretty good crowd of people. Left at 11pm. Got home, crash.

Sunday -
Head up to the shops to get food. Then off to the convention centre to help mum out at the Quilting and Craft show. Five minutes after I got there, I was standing behind the stall, selling things while mum took off. Helped her out most of the (long) day, then helped my grandmother pack up her miniature dolls house. Home, dinner, a beer, crashed.

Today's plan
A couple of hours of study, Pride and Predjudice and a 20% off sale at Spotlight . . .


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