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Apr. 26th, 2006 09:06 am
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1. I feel like I've been away for ages. My new modem's dead, so I'm using Matt's computer at the moment. My chair is more comfortable.

2. Alas this means that I'm not on chat :(

3. I went to the Queensland Ballet's Vis-a-Vis program on Saturday night. If you live in South East Queensland and have even the slightest interest in ballet, I suggest you look at attending one later in the year. Details of Saturday night's performance )

4. I've had a couple of lazy days. Unfortunately I haven't done any of the writing I wanted to do. As for Wing Swing - I don't seem to have anything.

5. [ profile] aldenmacrae has contributed a great essay to [ profile] new_atalanta about The Chalet School - You can read it here. It's very readable even if you don't know the series. The community's makeover seems to be going great so far - but we'd love some new members - we're so close to 100 members!!

6. Yesterday was ANZAC day, which I know is an iffy/ho hum day to most Australians on my friends list. However, my sister had a great post here.

7. I'm about 7 books behind on reviews. I'll get there *g*

Off to write. I must write. I will write . . .
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1. I caught the end of Desperate Housewives last night. Which meant I got to see Felicity Huffman dancing to Boogie Shoes again! Best choice of music ever.

2. I saw Cloudland on Sunday (The Queensland Ballet), which was simply amazing. I haven't got enough superlatives to describe how good it was - needless to say I could have sat through another two hour performance easily. Two very 'Brisbane' bits - the fight between US and Australian soldiers (mirroring the Battle of Brisbane) and the boos and hisses that went through the audience as the Deen Brothers (or the dancers playing them) walked on stage. If you ever get a chance to see this ballet, go and see it! (It's running next Friday and Saturday in Brisbane, then moving to the Gold Coast after that)

3. Commander in Chief. Meh. Still hate the titles. Less Clinton bashing which was nice.

4. I have no four. It's just a nice number


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