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1. I hope someone has written Commander in Chief/West Wing crossover, because Allison Janney/Geena Davis would be so very pretty (and hot. and shiny)

2. I hope the rain will shut the stupid roadworks up for a while (Aren't residents supposed to be notified when roadworks are going to completely disrupt their lives? And their sleeping patterns?)

3. I hope that the truant people go to my work on Wednesday when I'm trying to survive another 8 hour shift. Because it would be funny plus less work for me. (Though my teacher voice worked a treat on the 15 year old who decided to smoke while asking for tokens. He left as ordered and did not return)

4. I hope I get a lot of work done tomorrow. Real school type work. Which, when I get to teach it, I get paid good money for.

5. I hope I get to write some fic tomorrow.
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I've got a number of writing things up my sleeve at the moment:

1. NaNoWriMo - of course. 50 000 words about three girls
1a. NaNoWriMo outline before Tuesday
1b. NaNoWriMo character profiles before Tuesday

2. CLB306 exam - piffle, I say. Piffle.

3. Alphabetasoup 26 fic challenge - I have 24 to finish, if the mod ever approves me

4. My grandfather's magnificent 'train' story

5. A series of 'captured fairy' stories for my mother. (By the way, coming up with new ideas with my mother is like coming up with ideas with my friends. I think she's going to start making emo and goth bears . . . )

6. Various pieces of writing for the dancing concert

Good fun.

In other news, Matt brought flowers and chocolate home for me yesterday. And the lovely [ profile] sangerin sent me a Dreamy Darcy icon which I need to upload!


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