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[ profile] femslash06 fics are beginning to trickle in, and although I did not participate, I am enjoying reading the fics.

Most of the time I'm leaving feedback. Mostly of the 'yay! glee!' type, because I really don't have anything insightful to say. Sometimes I'm not - I can't really think of anything highly positive to say, and I don't know the people at all, so I don't feel comfortable leaving constructive crit.

(I wonder if it would be different if I'd participated?)

Which made me think about ficathons and feedback. I read almost everything, and gave feedback on everything I wrote for the Spooks ficathon - but then that was a small ficathon which turned out brilliant stories.

As for remix, I actually haven't yet read any of them. Again I didn't participate, and the idea of picking out stories from such a big collection is quite overwhelming.

This really doesn't have a point . . . just thoughts.


I have a small collection of My Scene dolls on my desk - Lindsey Lohan, A 't-shirt' doll, a party boy and two street smart girls. The street smarts are my new favourites. They have streaks, tattoos, mobile phones and belly button rings. And sitting on my desk, they're just about writing the slash (while Lindsey keeps looking on knowingly)
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I have questions, oh friends list. And I have chosen you to help me out.

[Poll #664069]
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
29,016 / 50,000

Shiny, isn't it.


As some people may know, my Grandmother is an expert and published author on dolls. For ten years or so, she and my grandfather owned a doll and toy museum, and their house is a place of doll and toy wonder. She's been a doll collector most of her life and was regional director of the United Federation of Doll Collectors (UDFC) and president of the Brisbane club.

My mother also collects dolls. Her 'thing' at the moment is soft and felt dolls, and she's got some lovely ones. She's currently president of the Brisbane club of the UDFC, and her name has been thrown around for regional director.

Yesterday I bought my first dolls as a doll collector.

I already have some dolls. My grandfather made a doll of me when I was a baby, I have a Madam Alexander Peter Pan, and I have a collection of Baby-Sitters Club dolls. But I decided it was time to join the family tradition and I bought two Barbies yesterday.

I've decided to concentrate on fashion dolls - they're more my thing than bigger dolls, or antiques. I started with Barbies because I like them more than Bratz dolls, and they're affordable for me at the moment. And I can ask for them for Christmas and my grandmother will come through.

:( My paid account ran out. I only have 1 Spooks icon and no Dreamy Darcy :(


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