Apr. 12th, 2006 07:03 am
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So, it seems that I received my Bachelor of Education yesterday *g*

I rocked up and got the robes etc, before hanging around with all the people from uni who I haven't seen in months. The main topic on conversation - who's had work and who has work for the rest of the year.

Then we all found our seats, did the walking, doffing etc, and were officially graduated.

It felt a little like we were second-rate graduates in the eyes of the uni though - we're the only discipline who graduate en masse at these particular graduations (the only others are those who finish in summer semester) - all the officials in the official party were 'acting' - acting chancellor, acting vice chancellor, representative of the registrar etc - and most of them didn't seem to know what they were doing. And the guest speaker was absolutely useless - when facing a group of educators, she basically told us that we were protectors, police, pseudo parents, comfortors - basically everything but teachers. And all the while it felt like she was reading a brochure about the legalities of duty of care. We were so inspired. Also annoying was the fact that for a group of graduate entry students - most of them a bit older - the officials kept thanking just parents and friends - and no one thanked partners/wives/husbands or children.

But it's all over now - I should have some photos soon - and now we've all just got to find some work . . .
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Finishing University
The university is done. Completed. I don't have to go back there again. I have done the last exam of that degree.

Of course, being QUT, they found one last way to screw me over. They put an essay exam in a lecture theatre. You know, the ones with those crappy tables that fold out from next to the chair. You know, the ones at QUT which have no left handed desks. It was really hard not to mention this while I wrote my essay on discriminatory practices in education.

I'm so glad to leave that place.

Having Too Much to Drink
Oh well. I made it home. And I won't be on the cover of the Sunday Mail, so that's okay.

1644 words done, but no official word counter until the USA catches up to us. I'm going to post a bit about the first chapter under the filter. If you're interested, just leave a comment here
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1. The neighbours who insist on parking so close to the entrance of our driveway that we cannot drive in or out without cutting across the grass.

2. Big Pond has blocked my gmail address because I used it to send assignment pieces to my assignment partner. Now I can't send any email to Big Pond

3. I have an exam on Monday that I really don't give a damn about

4. John Howard is the Prime Minister.

5. Brendan Nelson is the Education Minister
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Friday -
Panic phone call from my assignment partner - the email with the assignments hasn't come through. Send it through another email address and head off to ballet. Teach ballet, make dinner, crash.

Saturday -
Dancing in the morning. Then a 5 minute turn around to make the train to Brisbane and a quick rush to get ready when I got home. Then off to Matt's uni friend's engagement party. Really good night, with a good dinner and pretty good crowd of people. Left at 11pm. Got home, crash.

Sunday -
Head up to the shops to get food. Then off to the convention centre to help mum out at the Quilting and Craft show. Five minutes after I got there, I was standing behind the stall, selling things while mum took off. Helped her out most of the (long) day, then helped my grandmother pack up her miniature dolls house. Home, dinner, a beer, crashed.

Today's plan
A couple of hours of study, Pride and Predjudice and a 20% off sale at Spotlight . . .
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Guess who's handing in her LAST ASSIGNMENTS today?

Woooooooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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