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-We had Trick or Treaters who were very surpised to find we had chocolate *g*

-Exciting news! I have a 2 week contract beginning next week in a school library. Then 2 days a week in grade 6 until the end of the year.

-NaNo has begun here:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,119 / 50,000

And now I'm off to make costumes. Five completed costume pieces = 15 minutes of NaNo time
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I finally got a supply teaching job today, over at a local school. Grade three *darlings*, only a couple whose necks could have done with a good wringing. It's a pretty basic thing, supply teaching. Just think quick on your feet.

Luckily I got pre school for playground duty. Lovely little dears *g*

Yay for money! I can save a little and spend a little - which means a new Barbie for me!
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I had a day of supply at a nearby school yesterday, and I have 2 more days today and tomorrow at the same school!!!!!!!

Yay! Teaching + money - crappy soul sucking job. There's nothing wrong with this equation.
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1. I hope someone has written Commander in Chief/West Wing crossover, because Allison Janney/Geena Davis would be so very pretty (and hot. and shiny)

2. I hope the rain will shut the stupid roadworks up for a while (Aren't residents supposed to be notified when roadworks are going to completely disrupt their lives? And their sleeping patterns?)

3. I hope that the truant people go to my work on Wednesday when I'm trying to survive another 8 hour shift. Because it would be funny plus less work for me. (Though my teacher voice worked a treat on the 15 year old who decided to smoke while asking for tokens. He left as ordered and did not return)

4. I hope I get a lot of work done tomorrow. Real school type work. Which, when I get to teach it, I get paid good money for.

5. I hope I get to write some fic tomorrow.
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Guess who just got her first day of teaching!!!!!

I had a fantastic day with a great bunch of grade 2s today!!
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Dear Ms Wilson,

Your application for registration as a teacher in Queensland has been approved, and you have been granted Provisional Registration . . . Your name is now on the Register of Teachers . . .

As a registered teacher . . .


After two years of stress, illness, ratty kids, stupid teachers - I'm finally a teacher.

Look - go here. Put in Wilson, M and scroll down to Melina!!!!!!!

I'm a real, live teacher.
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Stolen from everyone. 10 things I assume you know about me . . .

10 Things Here )


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