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I'm Back! I finally got a new modem, so I'm back to posting from my own computer, rather than Matt's. Glory!

I'm sure I had something else to say too. Something about no-good train drivers with their 'passive-aggressive sickies' strike which left me on a train that was half an hour late and crowded as peak hour. Something about nightclubs with girls outside who are less dressed than the girls outside strip clubs. And nightclubs with deafening techno, leering males, overpriced drinks, and scantily clad female bar tenders.

But I have a Sunday all to myself, so I am merely cheerful.


I bought the Pride and Predjudice DVD on Friday. Darcy is still dreamy and vshhoooom-y (tm [ profile] lizbee; Keira Knightly doesn't bother me, like she does some people; the American ending is a travesty, and overall it was a good DVD with some nice extras.
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Mmmmmm. Mr Darcy.

Obviously I went and saw Pride and Predjudice yesterday. Now, I've never seen the whole BBC mini series, mostly because what I'd seen looked stuffy, and I wasn't going to commit myself to stuffiness for that long. I probably wouldn't have gone to see the movie if it wasn't for Matthew McFadyen.

But I'm hooked. So hooked that I have the book to read. I loved the movie, loved the characters, loved the romances, everything.

I followed my movie experience with a quick trip to a crowded, over stuffed but 20% off Spotlight where I bought net and chiffon.

Today I need to finish my study and create two more soundtracks for NaNo. Lots of fun.


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