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You really shouldn't encourage me . . .

Always Here
Author: MelWil
Fandoms: Firefly/M*A*S*H
Rating: PG
Summary: Simon learns a lesson about war.

Simon squeezes his eyes shut when he drinks )
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Is it wrong that I'm contemplating writing (okay, it's half written) a M*A*S*H/Firefly crossover?
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1. I finally returned to church today, after almost 6 months away. Not to my old church, where the new minister left me constantly angry, but to the big Uniting Church in the city. It was wonderful, a bigger church, with more ritual, a real choir and a great organ, but just small enough to add some beautiful personal touches. It was so nice to here a sermon which focused outward, rather than asking God to do things for us.

2. Still haven't received my fem-gen ficathon story :( Was going to rant, but cannot be bothered. I know that there are marvellous pinch hitters waiting in the wings if my story doesn't appear.

3. Finished another book. Book post coming soon.

4. Tonight is a quiet night, with DVDs, fan fic and a really nice looking avacado for food. It doesn't get much better.

5. Look! Pretty feet icon. (And my instep is higher *g* Of course, it's been said that you could run a truck through my instep . . . )


Jan. 3rd, 2006 07:10 am
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So, I've watched Firefly up to halfway through Ariel and I intend to watch the rest today. Some things . . .

1. It's a new fandom. No doubts about this. Sold me from the first 'shiny'
2. I want to write fic. Just get me to the end of the episodes and there will be fic. With many pairings.
3. Shiny
4. I love all the characters. All of them. But my heart seems to hold special places for Jayne and Kaylee.
5. Shiny.
6. I will be reading fic. I'm sure there's lots of fic without Serenity spoilers out there. Which the kind people on my friends list will rec to me *g*
7. Did I mention that it's shiny?


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