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Another new article by me over at [ profile] new_atalanta - West End Shuffle - The Future of Dance School Books

It compares a 'new' dance school book with more traditional books, and uses the term 'bogan'. You can't go wrong.
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1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] aldenmacrae!!

2. Matt and I are rat sitting at the moment for his parents (the type in cages, [ profile] lizbee not the ones in the bathroom . . . ) Some time this morning I have to try and dose one of them. Apparently he bites . . .

3. I'm suffering doll buying withdrawal. When I get some teaching work, I will buy a new Barbie.

4. I should be working on my article for [ profile] new_atalanta - I'm writing about Character cliches which should be good fun. I'm posting a question there today as well . . . keep watching

5. I also should be making resources fo supply teaching. I will get work next week. I am determined.
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Our big week of questions has begin over at [profile] new_atalanta has begun.

Monday's question is Which Girls Fiction books or series have been most influential in your life?

If you are interested in contributing or discussing, head on over.

The next question will be posted on Wednesday
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We've got an exciting week coming up next week on [ profile] new_atalanta - a week where the readers and commentors get to have their say about girls fiction. We're one member short of 100, and it would be great to reach that number for next week - so if you're interested in girl's fiction and discussions of it, head on over and join us!

In the meantime [ profile] celeria has posted an article about the stagnation of time in modern girls fiction (think Baby-Sitters Club or Sweet Valley High). You can find it here

Talking of girls fiction, I have book reviews to make *g*
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I've just posted another essay (a short one this time) at [ profile] new_atalanta - A Survey of Modern Girls' Fiction in which I discuss new trends in girls' fiction and what I call - The Buffy Phenomenon.

We're at 95 members over there - only 5 more to hit 100! It's a good, friendly community - which is quite active now both in the essays posted and the comments received. If you have interest in Girls Fiction come on over and join. Especially if you've got an interest in Sweet Valley or the Baby-Sitters Club - there's an exciting event coming up for these fans soon!

An Update

Apr. 26th, 2006 09:06 am
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1. I feel like I've been away for ages. My new modem's dead, so I'm using Matt's computer at the moment. My chair is more comfortable.

2. Alas this means that I'm not on chat :(

3. I went to the Queensland Ballet's Vis-a-Vis program on Saturday night. If you live in South East Queensland and have even the slightest interest in ballet, I suggest you look at attending one later in the year. Details of Saturday night's performance )

4. I've had a couple of lazy days. Unfortunately I haven't done any of the writing I wanted to do. As for Wing Swing - I don't seem to have anything.

5. [ profile] aldenmacrae has contributed a great essay to [ profile] new_atalanta about The Chalet School - You can read it here. It's very readable even if you don't know the series. The community's makeover seems to be going great so far - but we'd love some new members - we're so close to 100 members!!

6. Yesterday was ANZAC day, which I know is an iffy/ho hum day to most Australians on my friends list. However, my sister had a great post here.

7. I'm about 7 books behind on reviews. I'll get there *g*

Off to write. I must write. I will write . . .
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I've been feeling strangely weepy/emotional today. I believe it's probably the result of resting after a huge week. It's very annoying though.


My sister and I went and saw A Streetcar Named Desire last night, performed by the Queensland Theatre Company. All I knew before walking in was two lines and Ned Flanders singing. I enjoyed the play, but the first act seemed to go on forever. Luckily the second act was rather redeeming.


[ profile] sangerin has heralded our new start over at [ profile] new_atalanta. We're turning it into a group blog - so if you're interested in 'Girl's fiction' come on over - we'd like to have a lovely strong community.

Which is a gentle poke to me, because I have a rough draft to finish before Easter


Ooooh, new icon. Look!


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