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I'm looking for some new music. I want music to listen to, write to, generally groove along to. I'm looking for new sounds I don't know, or older classics I may have missed (and I'm fairly clueless when it comes to music)

At the moment I'm on a real female singer kick, though if you have something with a male singer that I must listen to, please include it!

I prefer softer alternate stuff, piano is always a bonus, though I'm developing a real love for guitar.

Just tell me what you love at the moment, so I can find something new!

on 2010-06-29 03:24 pm (UTC)
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I have such a thing for female singers, tend towards the jazzy/blues, but mostly just a female voice. Some of my favourites, mix of older and newer:

Alison Krauss (bluegrass)
Beth Nielsen Chapman (countryish, 'Sand & Water' breaks me)
Beth Rowley (her debut album 'Little Dreamer' is lovely)
Bird York (Andy from tWW)
Eva Cassidy
Diana Krall
Janis Ian (35 years on, 'At Seventeen' is still a masterpiece)
Jann Arden
Lizz Wright (particularly love her latest cd, 'The Orchard')
Loreena McKennitt
Madeleine Peyroux
Melissa Manchester
Melody Gardot (fabulous young singer/songwriter, started music therapy after suffering serious head and spinal injuries when she was hit by a car, and the rest is history)
Missy Higgins
Natalie Merchant
Norah Jones
Paula Cole
Sarah McLachlan (of course :))
Vienna Teng (amazing singer/songwriter, a lot of her songs are a story, 'Warm Strangers' is my favourite cd)

Hem (indie folk band, just a gorgeous sound - 'Eveningland' is my favourite cd)
Saving Jane (a band with a wonderful female vocalist - I prefer their cd 'Girl Next Door', have a listen on amazon, bit rockier for me)


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