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What are you reading now?

Three books. Just finishing up Market Blues by Kirsty Murray, which I'm enjoying, but it feels like the premise of the book has been well and truly stretched to the limit, and yet there's still more to come. I just started Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley last night in the iPad. Finally I'm reading Louis Beside Himself by Anna Fienberg, which is trying to be a little bit Lemony Snicket and a little bit Don't Call Me Ishmael and is pretty ho hum. I'm picking my books by whatever Australian Women Writer's books I can find at the library :)

What did you just finish reading?

What Now, Tilda B?  by Kathryn Lomar, which had some faults, but was a really enjoyable read which left me with something to think about. After that I read Last Summer by Kylie Ladd which had too many sex scenes, too many points of view and too little reality. I also reread The Very Hungry Caterpillar again :)

What do you expect to read next?

I still have Love Like Water by Meme McDonald from the library. I dare say I'll finish it up before I can get to the library next week :) I got an Amazon voucher for Christmas (thanks Jac!) so I'll get some ebooks there. Then there's whatever I might get for my birthday. I'll also delve into a couple of Spot books and various other books Christian got for Christmas


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