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Despite seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 twice in 2D, our attempts to see in in 3D were viciously thwarted by Voldemort a power blackout. Today, however, was a local show holiday in our council area, so I popped just south to another council area and finally got to see the film in 3D in an almost empty theatre.

Before I get to my thoughts about the 3D (and the movie in general), one of the million and one trailers was for the next Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn? I've lost track) in which I got a fit of giggles when Edward actually broke the bed head . . .

One of the things I have to get my head around with the HP films is that they have their own canon which kind of fits to the books, but also have some things which make me yell. But I love them anyway, and I love how they bring some emotional moments to the film (the look between Ron and Harry before he heads to the forest just kills me) which are different to the books.

I'm just going to focus on things I adore, because I'm having a bit of a down day and really don't need to add grumbling to that. So here they are . . .

-I adore the look of Shell Cottage and could just imagine Bill and Fleur having nice times there. I also wonder how Bill reacts to seeing his youngest brother all grown up here.

-Helena Bohnam-Carter is brilliant as Hermione as Bellatrix. Just wonderful.

-I thought the cart ride would be awful in 3D but it was relatively sedate

-The dragon, on the other hand, was brilliant in 3D and I could watch it move over and over and over again.

-There were lovely call back to earlier films. Hermione's 'That's barbaric' made me want to say 'That's wizard chess' from the first movie (deleted scenes?)

-I think the invisibility cloak was one of the most underused things in the movie :(

-Dementors in 3D = pure evil

-The look on Snape's face when McGonagall comes forward to fight him is just heartbreaking. In fact Snape is purely heart breaking in the movie, not because he was a romantic character as some are painting him, but because he's so broken

-Luna Lovegood is just amazing. Actually, all the women are amazing in this movie.

-The 3D built up the momentum to The Kiss better than in 2D

-McGonagall is awesome as are the knights in 3D. Did I mention that McGonagall is awesome?

-I still tear up at Snape.

-Neville's 'You and whose army?' gets the best laugh in my class

-As does 'Boom'

-The battle is a battle

-The Kings Cross scene is probably one of my favourites ever.

-I actually love the Epilogue and always have. Maybe because I'm happy to change all of that in AU fan fiction if it suits me :)

Overall conclusion- the 3D added depth to the movie experience, but I'm glad I watched it in 2D first
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